What We Do

Our Mission

Based in the beautiful University city of Cambridge, Imagine Audio Visual are proud to have delivered exciting, functional, quality projects since 2003.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver functional, cutting edge projects offering quality, value and maximum longevity. We do this by combining a unique skillset to deploy trusted products which are at the cutting edge of technology.

AV is our passion!

Since the start our whole existence has been built on a passion for what we do. It started with a lifetime passion for hi-fi, carried into the advent of home cinema and now has a deep foundation in home automation, home and small business networking, CCTV and last but certainly not least lighting control.

Starting out from humble beginnings Hi-Fi retail an opportunity emerged for a need of a skillset that could deliver new and highly technical entertainment products in a way that the consumer could easily use and enjoy. There was no way to imagine when this business started quite where it would lead. Things have changed enormously and only a deep passion for the industry could keep us evolving with the desire to learn that required to stay relevant.

Our Core Values

When we started out there was a dream to deliver quality, reliable, high value solutions. This desire is at the forefront of everything we do even today. We aim to do this by consistently offering: