what we do

In 18 years our portfolio of expertise has evolved and grown. Here is a list of areas we can cover, however the range of services we do cover is too broad to list on one page. Call today for a no obligation chat about your project!

Hi-FI and Multi room audio

Where it all started for us and relevant even today. We have a class leading portfolio of audio products from streaming devices to the fabulous higher range products from the best in the business.

Home Cinema and media rooms

Having been involved in configuring home cinema products since the 90s it has always been, and still is a core passion. One of the most exciting things about home cinema is the way that many disciplines come together to exceed the sum of its parts. Video, audio, room, lighting and comfort performance are all major elements in the design of a great room. We never tire of the feeling of getting it right,

Lighting control

If ever the relevance of lighting control needs confirming just consider trying to read in the dark, watch TV in bright 6500k lighting or relax with a strobing blue light. Whatever way you look at it, well designed lighting control is convenient, energy saving, reliable and enhances wellness and mood. Its absolutely not overstating the point to say it completely changes your home. We love lighting and have experience in controlling all mainstream types of illumination and methods of control. Please do come geek out over it with us.

Video distribution

We were around before HDMI was a thing. Yes its a long time ago! Having worked on many projects with the requirement to get a signal to multiple places and multiple displays reliably, we have extensive experience in video distribution including fibre, AVoIP, HDbaseT to a level of attaining HDbaseT expert status from the HDbaseT alliance.This can only be truly achieved by partnering with the best products and manufacturers around.


So.... You have all the toys you now need to make them play how and when you want them to. Control4 is our partner in automating your home. This is the area that can really make your day to day experience. The way in which the smart home interfaces with the client is arguably the most important element of an entire project.


Its fair to say that everything is as strong as its weakest link. Turn a network off and you see how strong a link that is in the home. We cover all aspects of home and small business networking from trusted partners such as Araknis, Ubiiquiti, Pakedge and TP- Link to name a few.

CCTV and Security

CCTV was a later discipline for us. We deployed our first system around 2012 driven predominantly by the requirement to integrate security into the homes control systems. The vast majority of the CCTV work we carry out is based on IP cameras. Alarms were also a natural progression. We offer class leading integrated solutions.

TV INstallation

Again a primary outset discipline we have been hanging TVs since the beginning. We would like to think we know a thing or two about it. From basic wall mounting to motorised novelties appearing from up, down, in, out we have pretty much done it all. if we havn't its entirely possible it hasn't been done!